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Ultima Gro™

Ultima GRO + Alkaline Drinking System

The Ultima GRO + Alkaline Drinking System is an innovative reverse osmosis system that is designed with water taste in mind. The filter provides advanced purification while leaving important trace minerals and electrolytes.


Ultima Drinking System

If you want the crisp taste of bottled water without the environmental guilt, consider the Ultima GRO Drinking System. This advanced water purifier provides your family with top-tier drinking water, ensuring that you’re getting the best taste.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System Features

• Superior purification capability and premium quality component
• Thin film composite membranes with automatic shut-off
• Optional mineral enhanced and alkaline filters available
• Standard 3.2 gallon storage tank and optional space saving design available.
• NSF certified components
• WQA Gold Seal validated
• Made in USA
• 5 Year Warranty

Purity you can taste. Quality you can trust!

If you want great tasting, fresh purified drinking water, Aqua Source has the perfect alternative to bottled water! A reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system will give you unlimited purified water at your fingertips. Take advantage of the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system in your home. Since bottled water has become an environmental issue because plastic bottles are non biodegradable, a home RO water system is a more ecologically-friendly and practical approach for acquiring purified drinking water. Imagine the convenience of never having to tote water into your home again! 

And, also think of the health benefits you will receive from drinking fresh purified water right out of your home’s tap! Not to mention the money you will save! Aqua Source provides several options regarding RO systems, including UV sterilization, alkaline Ph mineral filters for healthy living, and designer faucets to customize appearance. All of our RO systems use water saving shut-offs, the highest quality water filters, and TFC membranes. Our Ultima™ Series RO systems provide twice the flow of conventional Reverse Osmosis systems. All components are made in the USA, using the highest quality components. Ultima™ industry standard components assure that each Treasure Valley area customer is getting the highest quality RO system product with proven performance.

Get healthy, cleaner water for your family!