Aqua Source Products


Microprocessor On-Demand Controlled Water Softener

$1,795 - $1,995

This water softener is designed to adapt to your household needs, predicting how much water your household uses so you’ll never be without soft water. When it comes to quality, performance, and efficiency, Olympus™ rises above.



Whole home filtration & softening

$1,995 - $2,395

A high efficiency hybrid system that eliminates chlorine, chemicals and softens your water. Superior quality water at every faucet.

Ecotech™ CR

Filtered water where you need it.

$1,295 - $1,495

Designed to eliminate a variety of contaminants specific to the Treasure Valley. High density carbon matrix provides drinking water from every tap.


Tankless Water Heater

$3,695 - $3,895

This unit provides on demand hot water. The advanced water heating technology is innovation at its finest. The Navien tankless is a top contender for ease of use. The sleek design uses minimal space with high efficiency production.

Water Filters


$49 - $109

From reverse osmosis systems using carbon filters, to high flow home filters, we’re able to provide the filter you are looking for. If you aren’t sure what filter your system takes, our team is happy to consult.


Water Heaters

$1,800 - $2,500

We service and replace traditional tank water heaters as well as tankless. The Tank Water Heater makes hot water as well as stores it. The water heaters we carry are reliable, cost effective, and provide hot water storage that is energy efficient. We carry a variety of tank water heaters ranging in price to provide options that meet your needs. Our experts can help you determine the size you will need based on your budget and capacity requirement. We will remove your old water heater free of charge.

Get healthy, cleaner water for your family!