Innovation for a better planet

Technology for a better tomorrow

At Aqua Source, we believe that technology is essential to protecting and preserving our resources. Industry leading technology like Ecoflow in our Olympus and Sanitech Pro-Line systems provide up to 30% water savings and provide a cleaner, healthier water and support water conservation.

Our high efficiency products provide superior water filtration and purification technologies that make a real difference. Our commitment to eco-friendly features that ensure optimal system performance and reliability, make Aqua Source the preferred choice for homeowners that 

want to preserve the environment and enjoy the benefits of quality water. Experience Treasure Valleys premier water treatment systems and take comfort in knowing we are doing our part together. Aqua Source – Tomorrow’s Technology Today!

Sanitech Pro-Line – On-Demand 
Whole Home Water Filtration

The Sanitech Pro-Line system utilizes an advanced filtration technology and softening matrix that has been specifically designed for Boise area water quality concerns. Featuring our patented Ecoflow technology, this innovative system provides the ultimate in water quality from every faucet in your home. 

• Bio-Guard filtration media anti-microbial technology with 3x’s more surface area than conventional carbon media.
• 10% high cross link resin prevents chlorine oxidation and provide superior longevity and performance.
• Fewest moving parts ensures reliability and prevents wear.
• Precision softening and filtration matrix for exceptional water quality that eliminates multiple contaminants.
• Fully ported 1 inch valve and microprocessor controlled for precise regenerations and high flow rates..
• NSF/WQA certified components and materials. No BPA’s.
• Ecoflow technology, requires 30% less water and creates more lift and media expansion.
• 12V solid state electronics with non-volatile memory. Maximizes energy savings and costs.
• Adjustable reserve capacity monitors water usage and optimizes regenerations, saving water and salt.

Ecoflow technology increases the backwash flow rate in the water softener or whole home filtration system during the regeneration process. 

During the service cycle, resin and other media become compacted due to constant down flow through the system. This down flow can create channels thru the media or softening resin. Consequently, the full capacity of the water softener is not realized, resulting in hardness bleed through.

Aqua Source doing our part

We understand the importance of conserving our precious Treasure Valley natural resources. 

Stewardship of the environment is the key to conservation and ensuring the health of our planet. We strive to provide eco-friendly products that are efficient and reduce environmental impact. Ecoflow technology requires 30% less water to backwash and rinse home water softeners and whole home water filters.

Get healthy, cleaner water for your family!